Sri Lanka Navy has recovered over 362 kilograms of dried turmeric and over 561 kilograms of big onion seeds along with 06 six individuals who attempted to smuggle them into the island.

The Western Naval Command in coordination with the Sri Lanka Coast Guard and Chilaw Police conducted this special operation in the Wattakkalliya lagoon area, in the wee hours on June 02.

As such, the raiding party managed to seize sacks being unloaded from 02 suspicious dinghies that arrived through the lagoon.

Among the unloaded sacks, 14 of them contained 362kg and 950g of dried turmeric and the other 22 sacks have been stuffed with 571kg and 400g of big onion seeds.

In addition, the 02 dinghies used to transfer these consignments and 04 suspects in connection to the illegal activities were also taken into custody.